November, 2021

Boat Adventures in Boca Grande

We got to spend three days with Adventurer's Club member Julian Parry, who gave us a guided boat tour of Boca Grande and some of the great spots including The Gasparilla Inn,  Cabbage Key Inn & Restaurant and Usepa Island. If you have not been, you will not be disappointed. 


The Gasparilla Inn during the holidays can't be beat. Golf, tennis, tarpon fishing and a trendy new beach club that will rival a weekend at the Hamptons. You might run in to Laura or George Bush while there - we did. 

Traffic and driving in Lima is horrific - Urban infrastructure in bad shape, poor or inexistent city planning, including there's no central authority for transportation. And the most important: lots of extremely aggressive selfish people in the streets, both drivers and pedestrians


Hang a dollar bill on this classic Florida bar and restaurant. The perfect island meal getaway is Cabbage Key. But you will need a boat to get there.

Usepa Isalnd

Useppa Island is a 100 acre bridgeless private island club located within the waterways of Pine Island Sound. Our island is the premier destination for Floridian boaters, seasonal out of state residents and international travelers. The island’s history is vast and begins thousands of years ago with the Calusa Indians.

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