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Remington Reynolds, July 2022

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Raising a Champion
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Live Interview & Meet * Greet with Bob, Mike & Wayne Bryan

Come join us for a 1-hour interview with Bob, Mike, and their father, Wayne Bryan, on the topic of Raising Your Child to Be a Champion in Athletics, Arts, and Academics. 

  • August 5th, 5 pm
  • Sandy Springs, GA
  • Cocktails & Appetizers


Over the years we have seen many player parent coach dynamics play out on the lofty stages of high performance sport. And in most instances these journeys resemble a well written Shakespearian tragedy, full of drama, love, anger, dysfunction and often death.
 The Tennis Crazies more recently played out in the popular film King Richard. Will Smith plays tennis dad Richard Williams, a man who cares very little about what anybody thinks, often aloof, and more often delusional. If anything, King Richard shows the odds, human costs and insanity of making a Grand Slam Champion, a goal that nearly every parent has for their kid at some time during their childhood.

The Journey is Long... Avoid the Burnout

Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka is going through a tough phase in her career. The 24-year-old has failed to impress with her performances this year. She made headlines last year after pulling out of the French Open, citing mental health and anxiety issues. Although she made a comeback to the tour, her season by far has been marred by frequent injuries and inconsistent performances.

Topics we will Cover in our Interview w Bob & Mike

BE YOUR PASSION. It all starts with following your passion. If a parent or child gets this wrong from the start… The journey ends fast.

Dad as a coach is a very tricky tightrope to walk. Most times it doesn't work and either the parent, child or both will fall to jagged rocks below. How can the parent child dynamic work effectively. Listen to Wayne Bryan on Raising Bob & Mike and what he learned along the way. 

All is great until your little girl or boy hits puberty. This rebellious period has derailed many aspiring tennis careers.

What's the goal? Making the high school team? Playing in college or going pro? Regardless, there is a place for education and academics. 

ON BEING A HIGH PERFORMER. Winning and being a high performer takes character and discipline. Hear from Bob and Mike on what it takes to be consistent over a 20 year career in tennis.


In almost twenty years, Mike and Bob Bryan won 119 ATP titles in doubles together, including four Grand Slams titles in a row in 2012-1 and the Olympics in London in 2012. Last year, they retired at the age of 42. 

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