November, 2021

The Team Visits Peru

Mhenever the team makes a factory trip we always make time for fun and work. This trip was no exception. Peru has much to offer including historic Machu Pichu

Peru Notes & Takeaways

People are friendly. People are genuinely friendly and the country is safe, contrary to some reports. 

Food is the best in world - Hands down food in Peru is off the charts.

Traffic and driving in Lima is horrific - Urban infrastructure in bad shape, poor or inexistent city planning, including there's no central authority for transportation. And the most important: lots of extremely aggressive selfish people in the streets, both drivers and pedestrians

Huacachina Ica, Peru An unexpected desert oasis in South America.  

After work the team heads south down the coast of Peru for Huacachina, Ica. Known as the “Oasis of America” it is one of the only true desert oases in the Americas. We spent the afternoon on a dune buggy and sledding down the mountains of sand. 

Factory visit - inspecting printing room. 

Our Factory Partners where we make our super high end polos.  

Join is 2022 for Machu Picchu Adventure....

Dates are not set yet but join is 2022 for the second part of our Peru Adventure, Machu Picchu . .

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