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Lemurwear believes sustainability is more than a box to check for marketing purposes. It is at the core of what we do. Our textile partner, Texollini is leading the way to reduce negative environmental impacts of many traditional textile production processes.   From choosing sustainable fiber and yarn suppliers, to optimizing the manufacturing processes, Lemurwear is truly an eco-conscious company in every way.


We have partnered with the top textile companies in the US including Texolini and Reprive. 





Some key highlights include


  • Through the modernization of their equipment in the last few years, the company has saved 50% on water, 45% in natural gas, 30% on chemical
  •  All Texollini chemicals are non-toxic, water-soluble, and re-enter the public water system without negative environmental impact.
  • As a California based company, Texollini adheres to (and often outpaces) some of the nation’s most stringent environmental regulations.
  • Constantly in search of raw materials with greener origins, Texollini’s advanced R&D department brings to the marketplace sustainable product options including: recycled nylon and polyester, recycled cotton, and organic cotton.


Lemurwear has also adopted the “Everest SustainAbility Model” (ESM) that is based on 7R Discipline: Rethink, Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Recovery.  We  emphasize balanced developments among economy, society and environment.


Everest has developed a strategic action entitled "Energy saving, Care for the Environment and our Earth". In order to meet the highest environmental, health and safety requirements in the manufacturing sites, Everest joined the most famous industrial standard -BLUESIGN® Standard in April, 2007 to transfer their practical experience in terms of environmental protection, and to further ensure the safety of consumers.


Lemurwear is a “Made In The USA” brand. Our Texollini fabrics are made and dyed in Long Beach, CA, then are shipped to Everest Textiles USA in Forest City, NC for cut and sew (this includes all trims, buttons, labels and packaging). 

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