Why the lemur logo? 

People always ask what the lemur logo is? The logo actually got its origin at the Necker Cup tennis Pro-Am, hosted in the British Virgin Islands. With lemurs and other local wildlife inviting themselves onto the tennis court during match play, the lemur became the official event logo in 2013. Necker Cup Co-Founder Remington Reynolds took the lemur logo and started an apparel line in 2019.
Over the years the lemur logo has come to symbolize the global mission to conserve and protect the earth and its endangered species that are on the brink of extinction from both poaching and the uncontrolled deforestation.

Lemurs are primates? 

Lemurs are a type of prosimian, which means they are primates that evolved before monkeys and apes. Found in only one area on Earth, Madagascar and the nearby Comoro Islands, lemurs are considered the world’s most endangered group of mammals. Today there are over 100 lemur species and more than 98% of the 100+ species of lemur on the planet are threatened or endangered.

The Lemurs of Madagascar ? 

Situated off the southeast coast of Africa, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. Having developed in isolation, the island nation is famed for its unique wildlife. Coupled with habitat destruction and degradation, poaching has proven to be the direct threat to Madagascar’s dwindling lemur population. Ranging in size from the one-ounce pygmy mouse lemur to the 20-pound indri lemur, these primates are only found on Madagascar, an island nation located off the southeast coast of Africa. On the brink of extinction, the country’s more than 100 catalogued species are all currently deemed endangered.

The Lemur Conservation Foundation ? 

Inspired by the work of Dr. Ian Tattersall and alarmed by lemurs’ spiraling decline, museum founder Penelope Bodry-Sanders incorporated the Lemur Conservation Foundation as a nonprofit in 1996. Today it has become a front line organization in the battle to protect lemurs which are rapidly disappearing from its native habitat in Madagascar.   

Learn More about the Lemur Conservation Foundation Here


$1 of every garment we sell will support Lemur Conservation and the fight against deforestation? 

We firmly believe that lemurs can be saved from extinction. To this end Remington Reynolds has agreed to donate $1.00 for every garment it sells to the Lemur Conservation Foundation, and its ongoing missions to preserve and protect the primates of Madagascar through managed breeding, scientific research, education, and art. Learn more at https://www.lemurreserve.org/