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While vacationing in the British Virgin Islands, over a chance tennis match at the Little Dix Bay Resort, I met the head tennis pro on Necker Island. Over lunch and a few rum punches by the beach, we dreamed up what would become the most fun tennis and golf event in the Caribbean. Nine years later, the Necker Cup has grown into one of the most recognized annual charity pro-ams in the world.

Influenced by the incredible seascapes, wildlife, and endangered animals in the islands, I was inspired to create my first apparel collection. Merging the colors of the Caribbean with eco-friendly fabrics and focusing on fit and function, I outfitted our guests for the perfect day of tennis, golf, and sitting by the beach bar with friends new and old. Our guests loved the collection and the lemur logo and asked for more.

And so, my apparel journey began.

 -Remington Reynolds


Remington Reynolds is a men's premium active lifestyle brand.

Inspired by friendships filled with epic adventures, on and off the course and court, the Remington Reynolds brand celebrates chasing your passion and living your best life.

The family-run company is dedicated to designing and producing the highest quality men's clothing, multifunctional, and comfortable to wear throughout the day. Our brand represents a vibrant array of colors and trims inspired by the Caribbean’s sun-drenched beaches, ocean blues, and lush greens, while still offering the essential core colors that are the foundation to every man’s wardrobe.


Remington Reynolds mission is to inspire our clients to follow their passions and live their best life.


Life is Shorts... Be Your Passion

My Passions

My Passions are golf, tennis, sailing, hiking, and charity. What are yours?

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