Credo Finance

Credo helps companies to come up with new innovative ways to spur their growth and mitigate risks. Let us transform a strategic vision into practical results that lead to costs reductions and business model transformations.

Sandy Bay Partners

Sandy Bay Partners is the experienced and trusted authority sponsoring unique and thoughtful alternative investments and business strategies that are environmentally, socially and economically impactful. We manage and sponsor investment programs focused on private equity and real estate development. Working with the best in class landowners, legal and industry partners, we deliver market-leading, innovative programs for our clients.

Forte Ventures

Forté Ventures is an institutional venture capital firm uniquely focused on collaborating and co-investing with Corporate Venture Capital groups. We believe that the right corporate strategic investors can act as a force multiplier for startups, and we work alongside our corporate partners to ensure the realization of those benefits. Our focus and experience allow us to help entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of corporate investment, while also enabling us to serve as trusted partners to both our portfolio companies and our syndicate partners.